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Supplier Quality Manual Table of Contents

HAVS, in an effort to provide information to our suppliers relative to the need for developing a quality system that will  support the production and delivery of quality components and raw materials utilized in our products, has published this manual to aid our supply base in their efforts toward developing, producing and providing quality components and raw materials. The basis of this Supplier Quality Manual is the latest ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management Systems Manual.

Suppliers are required to utilize this document as the standard for developing their own internal systems and it is against this standard that all suppliers will be assessed.

Supplier certifications will be tracked by the SQE using Form P-0310A.

Quality Manufacturing System Requirements
Drawings and Specifications
  Design and Process Change Control
  Lot Control
  Certification to Federal Regulations
  Qualification of Personnel
  Measurement and Test Equipment
  Inspection and Test Control Procedure
  Sampling Inspection
  Product Protection, Preservation and labeling requirements
PPAP Requirements
  Conditions Requiring PPAP Approval
  Sample Inspection and Test
  Samples Required: Quantity and Type
Dimensional and Appearance Sample
  Laboratory Samples
  S.P.C. Requirements
  Sample Identification and Shipping Instruction
  PPAP Approval Process
  Payment for Tooling
  Compliance with Requirements
  Part Certification
Non-Conformance to Specifications
  Supplier Actions Required
  Communication Procedures
s Notification by Supplier of Defective Product
  HAVS Rejection of Product
  Late/Missed Deliveries
Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
System Survey Evaluation
  New Supplier
  Method of Supplier Survey & Evaluation
  Current Suppliers
Quarterly Vendor Evaluation Report
  HAVS Supplier Rating System
  Examples of Supplier Rating System
  Rating Requirements and Actions
Prototype Suppliers Requirements
  Part Identification
  Material Certification
  Dimensional Verification
  Control of Inventory
Record Retention
Procedure Revisions




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