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Procedure Revisions

Procedure No.

Rev. No.



Description of Revision

PUR 010


Walt Jenkins


Original Release

PUR 010


Dave Padula
Tom Hammond
Nancy Clark
Robert Mazur
Joe James
Mike DeGraaf


Revision page added, Doc. Issue date deleted from footer, Doc. # centered on title pg.
Pg # 1 Scope revised to include info, from scope on pg. # 5.  Scope on pg. # 5 deleted.
PPAP, APQP & QS-9000 added to pg. # 1 scope.
Item 1.1 – be sure, deleted, ensure added. From the – deleted, through added.
Rep. Deleted – Dept. added.
Item 2.2 – In the event – added to paragraph two.
Item 2.3 – statement added – “Any costs for PPAP samples or the annual Validation process, shall be included in the quoted piece price”: Sub item “b” – should deleted, Must added.  Sub-item “c” – statement added – customer required production CpK’s will be indicated at the time of prod. Auth.
Item 2.6 – drawing changes deleted, print corrections added.
Item 2.8 – deviation auth. Revised to show written concurrence required.
Item 2.9 – MCN defined.
Item 3.2.2 – location added to para. # 4
Item 5.0 – rating deleted, evaluation added.  Agent deleted, representative added.
Item 5.1.1 – review deleted, evaluation added.  Reference to form 120A added.  PPAP reference deleted, failure to respond reference deleted.
Item 5.2.1- Dept. at, deleted Rep. From, added. Form PUR 014, added. Doc. Dist. Titles added.
Item 6.1 – The objective is – added. Balance of doc. numbering revised to be consecutive.
Item 7.1 – NOTE: added
Item 9.0 – and 0 PPM deleted.
Item 2.2 – GM specific comment added.
Item 2.3 – (b) - customer issued test specs added.
Item 2.7 – payment statement for prototype, test and
Manufactured parts, added.
Item 9.1 – fax # deleted.

PUR 010


Joe James
Mike DeGraaf


Item 2.9-Supplier compliance to GP-12 noted as mandatory requirement.
Item 5.1.1-Revised to show Paulstra adherence to AIAG/QS/ISO mandates for supplier auditing.
Item 5.3-Revised to show Paulstra adherence to AIAG/QS/ISO mandates for supplier auditing and GP-12 requirements.
Item 7.1-Call-out added for Non-certified supplier’s
requiring usage of AIAG Quality Self-assessment form prior to awarding of business.
SCOPE-changed to show finite QS/ISO compliance date 12/31/2000
Item 1.3 changed to show requirement for date I.D. on all new parts
Paragraph three (3) in SCOPE, modified to reflect supplier compliance to AIAG/QS/ISO requirements.
Item 2.7-Receipt of electronic/hard copy tooling prints added.
Item 1.9 changed to requirement for controlled usage of Paulstra containers.
Item 2.1 changed to require the issuance of deviations for non-standard processes.
Item 5.3 revised to show supplier traceability to be reviewed.
Item 2.4- should changed to must.  Item 2.5 revised to require corrugated containers for sample parts.
Item 2.9 – revised to note compliance to GP-12 and continuation of process if failures occur.
Item 3.1 – Material Control dept. deleted, replaced with Purchasing dept.
Item 7.2.1 changed PPM rating numbers
Item 9.9 changed delivery rating numbers and added Comments concerning correct release quantities. Deleted Material Control dept. and replaced with Purchasing dept.
Item 11.1 – changed example #’s for ratings

PUR 010


Joe James


Element 2.3, sub-element C- 30 pc. Capability study, increased to 100 pcs. Per changes in AIAG PPAP Third Edition, along with requirement for inclusion of a Gage cert./Layout for attribute gages.

PUR 010


Joe James


Supplier sorting requirements and related costs, revised to be effective 4-00
WI 125 and Forms 125 A  &  B, revised to reflect sorting changes.
Element 3.2.2 –added statement covering user plant discretion in allowing supplier sorting & reduced to 10, the days required to respond.

PUR 010


Joe James


Scope Revised adding the words “At a Minimum” & Section 9.2 added



Joe James
Tony Wolfram


Reviewed, no revision required
Added Hyperlinks to referenced forms

PUR 010


Joe James


Added verbiage about “High Impact Suppliers” to section 4

PUR 010


Joe James


Scope:  added “Supplier certifications will be tracked using Form PUR 010C”
2.0 added “capability data for PV and PA dimensions”
5.3 changed “Scheduled and unscheduled audits will also apply to verification of corrective actions initiated due to problems with the purchased commodity or the supplier's system.” to “Corrective actions initiated in response to MCNs issued by Paulstra Quality Departments will also be verified. Any discovered non-adherence to the supplier’s control plan will result in the issuance of an MCN (Form 125A).”  Added “using the Site Assessment (Form PUR 010B).”
Changed “Vice President of Operations: Corporate Quality Engineer; Quality Manager;” to “All Paulstra Quality Managers audit activity with that supplier.”
6.0 added “This information will be transferred to the High Impact Supplier Matrix (Form PUR 010A) to determine which suppliers are to be considered as High Impact.  Those suppliers identified as “High Impact” will be notified in writing via Form PUR 010D.”
Added Forms PUR 010A, B, C, D, & E

PUR 010


Mark Mensonides


Added Section 10 – Commercial Rating.  Revised Sections 11 & 12 to include commercial rating.

PUR 010


Joe James


Entire Documents - Changed References from "QS-9000" to "ISO 9001 or TS16949 "
2.2 - Changed "A2LA" to "ISO/EIC 17025)
3.2.2 - added "or a contracted 3rd party sorting company"
4 - added "(use of the AIAG A1 through A8 APQP Checklists at a minimum)"
5.3 & 7.1 - added Hutchinson Corporate Supplier System Audit Questionnaire (Hut AQ F06).

PUR 010


Joe James


Added Form PUR 010F to 2.3.

PUR 010


Joe James


Added Form PUR 010G to 14.1.



Joe James
Tony Wolfram




Scope – modified statement relating to ISO9001/TS16949 requirement.
1.3 – Modified note requiring lot ID incorporated into part design.
1.4 – Added IMDS requirement
1.9 – Revised barcode label requirement statement.
2. – Revised Annual PPAP requirement statement to require maintenance by supplier but available upon request by Paulstra.
2.2 – Changed New Award document to Paulstra Pre-Source Agreement
2.3 – Added Paulstra Pre-Source Agreement note, added note stating SCs to be defined at time of Pre-source Agreement
2.4 – Added note requiring AIAG compliant forms, actual data required for Basic dimensions, and metric data requirement
2.7 – Added note requiring electronic tooling designs with PPAP
2.9 – Added extraordinary launch process requirement
3.2.2 – Revised containment process for defective components to “supplier responsible to coordinate” and added CS2 note on repeat issues
4. – Mandating use of AIAG APQP checklists and Paulstra Tooling Status Report form
5. – Added Annual Supplier Self-Assessment form and requirement
5.1.1 – Added Annual supplier Self-Assessment form note
6.1 – Noted 3 scorable areas for Supplier Scorecard
7.1 – Revised Quality Rating scoring system
8. – Delivery Rating scoring system revised
8.1 – Revised schedule forecast note, added “exact quantity” statement, changed Scheduling Department to Supply Chain
9. – Commercial Rating revised
10. – Added Supplier Self-Assessment score
11. – Added Service Rating score
12. – Added Bonus point score
13. – Revised accumulated score section
Renamed P310, standardized and reformatted
Added Distribution and Attachments

P 310


Tony Wolfram
Marjorie Grube
Kyle Carlson


Correlated forms to the procedure, revised forms
Header changed “Joe James” to “Kyle Carlson”
2.9 – added (Preservation and Labeling Requirements)

P 310


Kyle Carlson Tony Wolfram


2.9 – added “Each container must have a barcode label compliant with Paulstra Supplier Label Identification Standards (Procedure P 300)”
3.0 – added “maintain”, removed “to Paulstra CRC” and “within a reasonable time frame”
3.9 – changed “Program Manager” & “Packaging Engineer” to “Project Team Leader”
5.3 – added (Late / Missed Deliveries)
7.1 – added “Suppliers to Paulstra must submit and maintain current ISO-TS 16949 or ISO 9000:2000 or ISO 9000:2005 certification” and “may” and “Engineering”, removed “A satisfactory evaluation is a prerequisite to the order. The minimum level of acceptance is the supplier’s ability to complete the necessary functions involved in a PPAP. (see 4.1 & 4.6)”
7.2 – added “may”
7.3 – added “at a minimum of every two years”
7.4 – removed (source Surveillance)

P 310


Kyle Carlson


3.9 – added “It is the supplier’s responsibility to have adequate back up packaging available if returnable containers are not available.  These back up containers must maintain the standard pack quantity and must not exceed the dimensions of the returnable”

P 310


Nelson Bonter
Kyle Carlson
Tony Wolfram


Revised to current internal standard, added job titles.
Form P-310E – added Quality certification
Form P-310G – removed “Supplier EDI Survey”
Form P-310H – removed (incorporated into P 119)
3.1.9 – changed “They then must submit a Paulstra Packaging Data Sheet (Form P-310H) within 6 weeks after the initial New Award Meeting to the Project Team Leader.  The Paulstra Project Team Leaderwill then approve the supplier’s packaging prior to the first production shipment” to “which must be determined and agreed upon as part of the PPAP (reference Form P-119A)”
3.2 –changed “furnish” to “submit”, added “PPAP”, removed “with inspection and test reports in advance of first production shipments”, added “along with Paulstra specific requirements requested by the Paulstra SQE”, removed “PSW”, added “Annual PPAP
must be readily available upon Paulstra request”
3.2.1 – changed “Deviation” to “Interim approval”
3.2.7 – removed “Quality”
3.2.8 – removed “with written concurrence from Paulstra’s Engineering and Quality departments” – added “by telephone and/or email”, removed “(via fax or e-mail)” & “and short term corrective action”, added “by the Quality Manager / SQE.  In cases of product return”, removed “then”, changed “pick up and return of all affected components and product” to “activity”, removed “affected locations’”, added “and / or SQE”, changed “ten (10) working” to “15”, removed “along with the total number of defective pieces found in the returned product. This quantity will then be applied towards the suppliers “Parts per Million” (PPM) rating. Failure on the part of the supplier to report the final total number of defective pieces found in the sort within the designated time period, will result in the entire returned shipment totals, being counted towards the supplier’s PPM rating.” & 3.3.3 – changed “$500.00” to “750.00”
3.4 – removed “Suppliers are also to utilize the Paulstra PPAP Part/Tooling Status Report (Form P-310D) with frequency of submission determined in the Pre-source Agreement.  In addition”& “(received and shipped directly out of the Distribution Center)”
3.5.2 – removed  “and Form P-310G” & “and communications”
3.5.3 – removed “Current supplier will be required to complete the Paulstra Supplier Assessment at a minimum of every two years. Completion (or lack of) will be a scorable item on the Paulstra Supplier Scorecard”
3.6 – complete rewrite (Quarterly Evaluation)
3.7 – added (Prototype Supplier Requirements) and Form P-310I - Prototype Deviation From RFQ Requirements)
4.0 – added (Record Retention)
5.0 – added GR & Cadillac HSE Binders
Form P-310D – removed “Paulstra Part/Tooling Status Report” (incorporated into P 119), changed to “Prototype Deviation From RFQ Requirements”

P 310


Kyle Carlson
Nelson Bonter
Tony Wolfram


2.0 & 3.0 – changed Scope to Responsibility, added Scope.
4.0 – added (Definitions)
5.1.9 – added paragraph for corrugated box pallet requirement and line item for steel banding prohibition.
5.2 – added Chrysler Specific requirement for annual layout submission and tracking.
5.2.2 – added “or national equivalent A2LA accredited”
5.2.9 – changed “will either accept the data and release the product” to “must be notified that product has been released” and “will extend…” to  “that … has been extended” – added potential punitive reaction for failure to respond to MCN’s within the designated time limits.
6.0 & 8.0 – added Form P-310G

P 310 .18

Kyle Carlson
Tony Wolfrm


Entire document and associated forms – changed “Paulstra CRC” to “HAVS” –  added responsibilities of internal quarantine and sorting initiation.
5.4 – changed “Vice President of Purchasing & Supply Chain” to “Purchasing Manager”
5.6 – added the provision of summarized results to the Buyer.

P 0310 .19

Nelson Bonter
Tony Wolfram
Jeanine Goven
Michele Vette


Entire Document & Form P-0310G – removed remaining references to Paulstra, changed “Form 0320A” and “WI 0320” to “Form 0301A” and “WI 0301”
5.2, 6.8 & 8.0 – removed Form P-0310G (requirement for Chrysler Annual Layout to be submitted to HAVS) – changed “PA” & “PV” to “HA” & “HV”
5.2.8 – added NOTE (Requirement for Capacity Verification)
6.6 & 8.0 – changed “General Information Manufacturing Sheet” to “HAVS Supplier Profile”
6.8, 8.0 & Form P-0310G – changed from the Chrysler Annual Layout Tracking Form to the HAVS Capacity Verification Form
7.0 & Form P-0310E – changed “paulstra” to “hutchinsonna-antivibration”
Form P-0310A, B, C, D, E, F & G – changed “HAAS” to “HAVS”
Form P-0310B – reformatted, removed “Operations Manager Approval required to ship production quantities prior to PPAP”
Form P-0310C – removed “North America Automotive” and “& Noise Reduction”
Form P-0310D & F – added Hutchinson Logo
Form P-0310E – reformatted, added “USD” & “PPAP Approvals are contingent upon a successful On-site Capacity Verification/Run-At-Rate (Form P-0310H or OEM Specific Form), conducted in the presence of the HAVS SQE or an authorized designate of HAVS”, removed “For Office Use Only” & “Production P.O.”



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