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Hutchinson Antivibration Supplier Scheduling

Understanding the Hutchinson Antivibration Vendor Schedule

Every Wednesday evening, Hutchinson Antivibration will send EDI and/or fax each supplier a schedule. You will receive two schedules, one for daily requirements (862) and one for weekly (830). The daily schedule will have the part number, description, unit measure, past due, and the daily requirements.

Hutchinson Antivibration suppliers are allowed to ship up to five days early, if necessary, and zero days late. If you receive a past due notice and it was because of a transportation issue, please notify Hutchinson Antivibration and we will address this so that it does not negatively impact your delivery rating. Additionally, if late deliveries are anticipated you will be expected to notify Hutchinson Antivibration immediately.

The weekly schedules also include the following information: Blanket PO number, last receipt (date, quantity, and shipper number), Year-to-Date Receipts Total (cum). Additionally, your Raw material and finished goods (Fab) authorizations are listed. Specific questions on changes to your authorizations can be addressed with the Hutchinson Antivibration Purchasing group. The time horizon published on your schedule will be 20 weeks. For Domestic Suppliers, our lead time allowance is 15 days Firm. We will always attempt to provide an additional 17 weeks of forecasting to optimize your planning efficiency.

The row titled "TYPE" shows what is a firm order and what is planned. Hutchinson Antivibration expects those parts to be made and shipped during that week (see daily sheet for exact date needed). Please take a look at the last receipt date and quantity to make sure it matches with your numbers weekly. If your cmns are off, please notify Hutchinson Antivibration immediately, for assitance in a quick resolution.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jay Monroe at 616-233-8277.

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