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Total’s harmonious development depends in large measure on the trust between the Group and its employees and among the employees themselves.

Creating and nurturing this trust entails the observance, at all levels, of certain rules of behavior in situations that can be complex and in the context of potentially hazardous operations.

Paulstra PeopleThe objective is not to anticipate and make provision for every contingency in advance. Nevertheless, certain clear, precise principles, together with an individual sense of responsibility and common sense, are a useful reference for everyone in the Group, whatever their business activity.

Health, Safety and the Environment

Employees are responsible for ensuring that their involvement in Total’s activities is carried out in full compliance with Group health, safety and environment rules and regulations.

Professional Relationships

Each employee is expected to be loyal and attentive to the quality of his or her relationships with colleagues, and to refrain from any act of discrimination.

Every employee should try to work as part of a team.

Information Technology and Communication Resources

Total’s IT and communication resources are intended for professional use. Reasonable personal use may be tolerated, in line with applicable laws and regulations.

Customer & Supplier Relations

Paulstra PeopleEmployee relations with customers and suppliers should be fair and honest, in strict compliance with contractual undertakings and applicable laws and regulations.

The giving or receiving of gifts or entertainment should remain within acceptable limits, having regard to what is customary and the provisions of anti-corruption legislation.

In case of doubt, employees shall obtain the approval of their management. Under no circumstances may employees solicit gifts or invitations.

Confidentiality and Intellectual & Industrial Property

Employees have a duty to take the necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of any information acquired in the course of their employment, of which they are merely the custodians.

Employees shall not disclose confidential information, whether verbally, in writing, or electronically, unless expressly authorized to do so by their management.

They must also observe the rules and regulations governing intellectual and industrial property.

This duty remains in effect even after an employee leaves the Group.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees may encounter situations where their own personal interest or that of persons or companies with which they have ties or links may conflict with the Group’s interest.

In such cases, they shall act bearing in mind the Group’s interests and the loyalty they owe to the Group. In the event of doubt, they should consult their management or the Ethics Committee.

To avoid conflicts of interest, employees should not:

  • Acquire an interest in a competitor, supplier or customer without the prior written approval of their management, or, if such an interest consists of listed shares, use privileged information to acquire the interest.
  • If employed on a full-time basis by the Group, exercise any outside professional activity without first obtaining the written approval of their management.

Insider Trading

Employees who have access by reason of their employment to information that is not public and that could affect the share price of any company inside or outside the Group if made public, may not trade in the shares or other securities of the company in question, either directly or through another person, as long as this information has not been made public.

Political Activity

Employees who could be considered to represent the Group shall refrain from political activity in countries where they are not entitled to exercise political rights and where the Group operates. In addition, employees must refrain from doing anything that would be contrary to such countries’ traditions or cultures.

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