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Hutchinson Products

Total is a world-class oil, gas and chemicals group with industrial and commercial operations spanning oil, gas, power generation, renewable energies and chemicals in more than 130 countries. Our growth is based on shared core values.

Hutchinson ProductsAs a responsible industrial group, Total is committed to supporting efficient and properly managed utilization of our energy sources and products. We take into account the needs of today's consumers and the interests of future generations through an active policy of environmental stewardship that is an integral part of our sustainable development strategy. We provide regular and transparent reports.

These business principles are our reference point and go hand-in-hand with the objective of continued growth, benefiting shareholders, customers and employees, and contributing to the economic and social development of the countries where we operate.

As a general principle, Total:

Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and decisions of the United Nations and the European Union, especially concerning the environment, competition and employment.

Is sensitive to the concerns expressed by international, European Union, governmental and non-governmental organizations in matters concerning our operations.

Observes the rules of free competition.

Rejects bribery and corruption in all forms, whether public or private, active or passive.

Total strives to uphold:

  • The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The key conventions of the International Labour Organization.
  • The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • The principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


Total strives to earn the confidence of its shareholders, with the objective of providing them with a profitable investment.

We regularly provide full and transparent information to all shareholders and are attentive to their concerns, specifically through the Shareholders’ Advisory Committee.

We comply strictly with applicable stock exchange regulations and report our activities accurately in our financial statements.


Total provides customers with quality products and services, and strives at all times to offer them the best performance at competitive prices for their particular requirements.

We are attentive to our customers’ needs, continuously monitoring, assessing and improving our products, services, technology and procedures to deliver quality, safety and innovation at every stage of the development, production and distribution process.


Total has confidence in the loyalty, motivation, competence and sense of responsibility of its employees.

We expect them to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and avoid any conflict of interest.

Hutchinson FacilityWe pay particular attention to our employees’ working conditions, respecting individuals, avoiding discrimination, and protecting their health and safety.

We include our employees in our development by encouraging the distribution of information, dialogue and consultation.

We respect their personal lives.

We recruit personnel solely on the basis of our requirements and the specific capabilities of individual applicants.

We develop their professional skills and careers without discrimination regarding race, gender, or affiliation with a political, religious, or union organization or minority group.

All employees have an annual performance review with management once a year, at which objectives are set, performance assessed and career development discussed. Career development is facilitated by appropriate training.

Suppliers and Service Providers

Total’s policy regarding our suppliers and our service providers is to:

  • Respect each party’s interests, with transparent and fairly negotiated contract terms.
  • Expect them to adhere to principles equivalent to those in our Code of Conduct.

Business Partners

Total applies its Business Principles and Rules of Individual Behavior whenever it leads or operates a joint venture.

When we do not lead or operate a venture, we require the leader or operator to apply principles that are compatible with our Business Principles and Rules of Individual Behavior.

Host Countries

In conducting its businesses, Total respects the natural environment and the cultural values of host countries. Total respects the sovereignty of all States and refrains from intervening in or funding the political processes.

However, we reserve the right to express to governments our position concerning our operations, employees and shareholders and our belief in the importance of respecting human rights.

Through our operations, we contribute to the social and economic development in countries where we operate, particularly local communities.

Total rejects all forms of bribery and corruption. In particular, Total will not resort to bribery or corruption “in order to obtain or retain business or other improper advantage in the

conduct of international business,” as outlined in the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions.

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